About Us


The great outdoors have always fascinated Suresh Dardige, the founder of Sahyadri Resorts. An farmer by profession, Mr. Dardige - who is fondly called Dada - has a deep-rooted liking for nature. Concerned about the effects of the stressful city life on human health, he took the initiative and started the resorts in 2013.

For almost three year now, Sahyadri resort has been the favourite destination for hurda party and fun. It is safe and well maitained place where people feel relax from his regular work and other life.

It is also a safe and well-maintained place where children learn about the importance of nature conservation. They also get an opportunity to play, explore the wilderness and indulge in adventure activities.
This is great outdoor party place for family and corporate people.Here u can feel real nature.


Sahyadri Resorts is managed by Dardige Farms, a proprietary firm that is backed by immense experience in hospitality and outdoor property management.

The business is led by Suresh Dardige and Amar Dardige, dynamic entrepreneurs who value quality in food and implement high standards of service. Supported by a team of skilled chefs, together with catering staff, the company has the capability to execute large-scale orders efficiently.


Sahyadri Resort is situated in lush greenery of a foothill. It has a large and varied bird population not easily seen in the cities. The area surrounding the resort is a vibrant natural habitat and sinhgad fort where you Bird species like bulbul, drongo, golden oriol, superteen eagle, marsh harison can also be seen. The place is thick with vegetation including jambhul, karvandajali, amla, hirda, behada, khair, arjun, bahava, shalmali, kanchan, aain, bamboo and mango, among other trees. With such biodiversity, Sahyadri Resort truly takes you to the heart of nature and adventure.

Relax in the serenity of the lush landscape. Delight in the sights and sounds of nature. Experience our gracious hospitality, enjoying quality food and recreation

  • Sinhagad - 10 to 15 km (Sinhagad has been the site of many important battles, most notably the battle of Sinhagad in 1670.
  • TUKAI MATA Temple Kondhanpur :- 2 km
  • Balaji Temple - 20 km
  • Mahadev Temple Baneshwar - 15 km